Acmatex is a Pioneer of high performance  Textured Wall Coatings in the Country. Acmatex are the latest of Japanese & European range of wall finishes as are a rage the world over. They provide high build  designer finishes based on Ceramic, Granite, Marble, Rocks etc to smooth  one’s  imagination  and  creativity. It has the  widest product  range to satisfy the most varied needs of  Architects & Designers. Acmatex Textures Protect &  Decorate surface to reflect a sophisticated lifestyle.

Introducing Acmatex- One of the largest collections of world class finish with refreshingly original designs and shades for the most discerning tastes and diverse . We offer exquisite designer wall coatings that ensure well protected, fresh, hygienic and aesthetic solutions for an extra-value strength that endures. Our comprehensive, innovative range of wall decoration and protection systems are created to look and perform at their best in areas of damage: walls, doors and corners, designed to provide continuous, safe and well protected support for your exterior. The unique triple Protection system with built -in shields consisting of 3 protective layers bonded together by a speial??fusion resulting in uncommon strength, long life and high scratch resistant weather proof system.Plus the high build designer finishes are reinforced with the toughness of Ceramic, Granite, Marble, Rocks with matching patterned or glazed tiles specially created to add wings to your imagination and creativity.


The use of Polimar-based products for coating and protection extends far into the architectural past. Today's most popular designed wall care finishing incorporates a range of wonder products. Considering the infinite variety of shades in surface finishes from Acmatex, you will know why this internationally acclaimed wall finishes are fast replacing the others in market and are the trusted brand appealing builders, architects and homeowners for industry, office and home alike because of its durability,versatility, and texture.

Working as an independent company with a leading wall protection product supplies we can offer you a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of your building, from supply to installation, ensuring you get the best solution at a fair price. With the highest consistent quality standards and personalized after sales services have made acmatex the market leaders. That is what you call value for money guaranteed.

Acmatex is the one stop shop for wall environments offering wall protection, with extensive access products, ensuring passive fire protection and safeguarding from acoustic weather and fire seals. Properly preparing the wall and applying the texture will ensure a long-lasting, hair line crack-resistant finish.
Acmatex is a Pioneer of high performance Textured Wall Coatings in the country offering a service products from one-off domestic projects to multiple outlet corporate branding. We are the preferred choice of leading firms across the country.
Acmatex delivers the complete walling solution for care homes. For every area of your environment we have a unique range of products designed to perform and to please the eye.

We extend brand new, delightful quality product for care homes and challenging environments using the latest technology in materials. All suites/designs are custom made to order, using microcare materials That are waterproof and effective against the spread of fungi. Acmatex exterior wall finishes are resistant to heat, splitting, warping, blistering or disintegrating. These scratch proof and impact resistant designer wall coatings bear the mark of superior reliability as we specialise wall care products that are extremely durable, and can be used in secure units and in the care home industry; suitable for residential, and commercial applications.
Ensure complete fitness for your buildings with the range of products from acmatex
Our range of wall care product is a clear protective coating that can be applied over the top of existing paintwork which protects walls from knocks, scruffs, germs and marks. The wall finishes are quick to lay, easy to maintain, hygienic, economical and would last for years and can be scrubbed 100's of time without wearing away. The elastomeric nature of the wall coat stretches with the building ensuring complete fitness for buildings with breakage resistance. When the structure expands or contracts with weather fluctuations, our exterior coatings adapt with the climate. It prevents moisture build-up thereby preventing algae and fungi formation. Your buildings will never again look ugly .the specially formulated ingredients repel water and its pure acrylic exterior forms a protective coat over even the smallest hairline cracks. It can be painted upon uneven surfaces which means it saves you from laborious pre treatment measures. No extra costs are induced for several layers of water proofing or replastering .

Complement an ambience to your buildings, bring it out of the ordinary by giving it the glamour and grandeuer with the exciting combinations offered by the worlds best exterior wall finishes. Born of technological innovation and made by professionals who know the importance of wall finishes in showrooms, shops, hotels, offices , museums, art galleries, auditoria, and homes.

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