Acmatex surface textures comes in a range more than 100 finishes, Laterite, Antique finishes european stone finish, tria finish, filament, tile, double layer and abstract designs. That too in different finishes- suede, matt . Acmatex wall coatings is resistant to heat, splitting, warping blistering or disintergrating. Trust acmatex for its 10 years of reputation. Exhibit a triumphant presense on your walls.


  • Long lasting textured finish
  • Easy application
  • Washable
  • Internationally acclaimed
  • High impact resistance
  • Bridges hairline cracks
  • Weather resistant and waterproof
  • For interiors and exteriors
  • Fade and fungus resistant
  • Cost effective with Value for money
  • Flexibility and design flexible
  • Withstands temperature variations without cracking or blistering
  • Possible to construct wide spans
  • Can be applied on curves and contours